Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I <3 finding new things...

Today has been a day full of research, research, research...and on days like these everything can turn into a bit of a lovely creative, pretty blur. Although lovely, although creative, although pretty it's still a blur, meaning it's hard for me to remember one specific artist/style/piece that I really, really enjoyed. But today is a little different, I stumbled across a lovely little illustration by the artist Alberto Cerriteño... It warmed my heart and made me smile a little inside...

What is it about owls that make them so god damn adorable??! Seriously?
I love the effort put into this piece, I really like the attention to detail, the colours and different treatments used. Bah - this isn't an educated art review! - I just love the owl's curly little eyebrows and heartfelt message :))) !

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If you would like to find out more about Alberto Cerriteño follow the following links:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Positive Posters ~ Change

During the holidays we were given the Poster Posters brief. Tomorrow is our 75% deadline and I'm looking forward to showing my lecturer and getting some feedback.
PP is an international poster campaign open to graphic design students and professionals. The project aims to publish positive posters around city walls that will challenge/inspire people to make a positive change in their lives.

The Brief

Design a poster that will stand out from the mass of media that exists in our cities and that has a positive message inspired by the first theme.

Theme: Change

Don’t be afraid of change. Change can be positive.
While there are some things that are changing for the worst at the moment,
we think that there is always room for changes that achieve a positive outcome.

The entries will be viewed and voted on by a panel of leading creatives from Melbourne around the world. The judging panel will assess entries based on the strength of the visual impact, the message that is being communicated and how strongly the entry represents and expresses the theme.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cleaning, organising, changing

My room has been a little dull for the past few months so I FINALLY decided to do something about it these holidays.. I've had a little plan in mind for quite some time.

THE plan:

* I love the antique white dressers with the perfect mirrors and crystal trinket boxes, unfortunately my room is quite small so I am not able to fit an old dresser of this sort so I am taking a modern approach. I have purchased a white "cubed" bookcase, my jewellery is set on top with books, dvds and other special little things inside the cubed sections. Looks very nice and it's so wonderful being able to see all my jewellery on display!

* I have a wooden un-varnished desk with my mac, uni books, printer and random teddies and magazine placed all over it (haha a tad messy!!) I would love to get this desk (which in real fact is a door held up using filing cabinets) varnished to be a similar finish to my bed with a white edge trim to fit in with my dresser.

* I am starting to collect the wonderful Sylvanian Families (so so soooo sweet and detailed and wonderful and cute!) so I really need to find a place to display my lovely little family. My desk is quite large so I think I will have enough room after I rearrange the printer and current mess haha.

* A couple of months ago I bought a H.I.M Razorblade Romance 12" vinyl and I really want to get this framed and put on my wall. Although a little different in style to my new white "dresser" and white edged desk but with the pink colour scheme and ornate details in the imagery I think it will still fit in with my room decor as it looks quite feminine (Even if it didn't I would still have it :P)

* Walls Decals! I want to decorate my wardrobe with a typographic wall decal. I can just picture a really pretty quote being scrawled across my wardrobe in a really nice gothic, script typeface :)

That's about all the plans I have for my lovely little room, I think I will be living at home for a little while longer so I look forward to re-inventing it!

Amy xX

Friday, September 18, 2009


Click Image for FULL view

Fan girling again! ^_^
This picture is taken from the Fashion Against Aids {} photoshot. Dita is just sooo lovely and it's great to see her supporting such a great cause! My wonderful friend Jake bought me the "Dita" Fashion Against Aids t-shirt (unfortunately I do not look as sexy as Dita in it :P)

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's amazing how one image can sum up a feeling. Lovely illustration and absolutely beautiful quote. So, so lovely.

Illustration by: Freya Art and Design {{}}

Found via: Decor8 {{}}

Monday, September 7, 2009